Clever plan to stop illegal fox hunting 

Dear Sir — The cases of five foxes that have been killed by Cheshire hunts this season are about to go to the Crown Prosecution Service. 
Hunting with dogs is illegal and totally barbaric. 
Despite Cheshire hunts regularly killing foxes, only one file in the past few years has been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service by Cheshire police.
I would like to congratulate the police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, David Keane, on the work he is doing around the issue of hunting with dogs.
Mr Keane commissioned a review of the policing of hunts, the suggestions from which are now going to be implemented by Cheshire police.
He also held a public scrutiny meeting last week devoted to this issue. At the meeting he questioned the chief inspector for Cheshire for almost two hours asking him questions submitted by the public.
During this questioning, he came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested all hunts did an “event plan”. Other events such as festivals, markets, sporting events must complete them, so why not hunts? 
The hunt would have to fill in a form detailing what trail had been laid, where the trail had been laid and provide maps for this, plus details like exactly what role terrier men have, along with other health and safety aspects. 
The police will not be able to force hunts to comply, but if they don’t and things happen then it won’t look good, especially if it ends up in court. 
This was agreed by the chief constable and it is now something Cheshire police are going to look further into and set up.
Since many believe (and research by the League of Cruel Sports has shown) that hunts don’t actually lay trails to follow, this move will help force hunts to stay within the law. 
Minutes of the scrutiny meeting, along with the review, can be found on David Keane’s police and crime commissioner website. — Yours faithfully,
Alsager Labour.

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