Cost of petty crime not taken seriously

Dear Sir, — As Storm Dennis approached, I settled down to read the weekend papers and was struck by two items. The first was a letter in the Chronicle from Coun Corcoran about the theft of his bicycle from Sandbach Station and the indifferent and incompetent response from the British Transport Police.
The second item was in The Times — a court case where a judge feared that Britain was in danger of slipping into an Orwellian society after Humberside Police turned up at a man’s place of work to interview him over Tweets referencing transgender people. A police officer told the man: “I’m here to check your thinking.” The judge emphasised the vital importance of free speech in a democracy and that includes the irritating, contentious, heretical, the unwelcome and provocative.
Regarding the theft of the bicycle, I would have hoped that Cheshire East Council’s cctv coverage of Elworth might have assisted in tracing the thieves? Given how busy the roads are around Sandbach Station, perhaps Coun Corcoran might encourage the council to improve cctv coverage? I believe petty crime should be taken more seriously in our community because the cost, inconvenience and stress on its victims is rarely taken seriously by the police. I hope the Government will act to eliminate it as far as possible by better policing and more appropriate punishments, including the naming and shaming of teenage thugs. — Yours faithfully,