Council funding for many events  

Dear Sir, — I refer to your letter published last week from Brian Pearce-Jervis regarding Alsager Music Festival and Pride in the Park.
We wish to point out that Cheshire East provide funding to many public events in the county throughout the year. 
Sadly, Mr Pearce-Jervis has chosen to focus his angst solely on funding given to Pride in the Park, which in our view, is an excellent event. 
We do not see AMF as being in competition with PITP, or indeed any other event, for council funding.
He states AMF is “all-inclusive and attracts a wide section of the community”, but just as we have many people attend who’re not necessarily musos, they simply enjoy a fun public event, the same is true at PITP — it is an all-inclusive community event.
We’re as disappointed as anybody that there will be no festival this summer, as our recent public statement explained. 
We’ve been overawed by the many positive comments received and are working hard to communicate with those who’ve made generous offers of financial support. 
The fact is, we’re having more committee and sub-committee meetings at the moment than we’d normally have, in order to ensure the necessary financial, organisational and security structures are in place to safeguard the future of Alsager Music Festival. — Yours faithfully,