Council policy on cull is clear enough

Dear Sir, — Regarding the letter from Sue Helliwell taking umbrage at local residents taking up their democratic rights at the recent council meeting, I feel there are a couple of points that need clarifying.
Firstly, she was not prevented from speaking and had the same time limit as everyone else, which would seem to be fair.
Secondly, the council position is not to oppose the cull, but simply not to allow it on directly managed land.
Cheshire East is a major agricultural landowner with many tenant farmers, but did not include these as it was felt to not be enforceable, unlike Cheshire West and Chester, which have included their tenanted farms.
It’s worth noting that if you want to sell land to developers, it’s a lot easier if it’s badger-free, especially agricultural land deemed surplus to requirements.
It’s also worth noting that the leader of the council is a leading dairy farmer in the area.
Regarding asking a question I did wonder what, as a Conservative activist asking why a Conservative council was implementing Conservative national policy, she expected them to say? I know from my time in the North East that asking why your party locally is implementing national policy in a public meeting is not the best way to try and get parachuted into a safe seat at the next election. — Yours faithfully,


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