Council shows its true colours again

Dear Sir, — Tory-controlled Cheshire East council has shown its true colours yet again this past fortnight.
At the Cheshire East Council Cabinet meeting on 10th July, the resignation of the chief executive was announced. 
His suspension on full pay for 15 months has cost the taxpayer over £200,000. The report into why he was suspended was due out the day after his resignation. 
This is extremely frustrating as yet again a senior officer leaves just before a long and expensive investigation has reported back.
Just as at Lyme Green, no Conservative has admitted any wrongdoing and the Conservatives are letting senior officers carry the can, with taxpayers picking up an ever-increasing bill for their behaviour.
On 18th July, a social media post on the Tory-controlled Cheshire East council’s Facebook page stated: “We have successfully defended our case at an employment tribunal brought by a former member of staff.”
The linked Press release then went on to name the member of staff. 
For a member of staff to take their employer to a tribunal must be an incredibly hard thing to do and not done lightly. The employee defended herself against the council’s arsenal of lawyers.
Whistleblowing legislation is by its nature private and anonymous.
This Facebook post is clearly intended to intimidate, by publicly naming the employee.
Gloating about getting one over on an ex-member of staff is really nasty behaviour.
There are currently 200 comments on that post pointing out it is in bad taste and of a bullying nature; nevertheless, Tory controlled Cheshire East Council has chosen not taken it down, brazenly displaying a willingness to be perceived as bullies. This is absolutely disgusting.
I would love to know which legal technicality got Cheshire East Council off the hook.
And then what should drop on our doorstep this week?
The Voice, Cheshire East Council’s newsletter, an attempt to pretend to have the slightest interest in the public’s feelings.
Now, given the state of most of our parks, our roads, our bus services and the draconian cuts being made elsewhere in the council, how on earth can Tory-controlled Cheshire East Council justify spending 10.9p per household on each edition (I believe there are four a year)?
Given that there are almost 200,000 homes in Cheshire East, that is £21,800 per issue, thus four editions per year would cost the taxpayer over £87,200 a year. This rag is a total waste of money and paper.
This attempt by Cheshire East Council to make itself look like it’s doing a good job is desperate.
In actuality, Cheshire East Council is winning well-deserved national awards for being “Rotten Filthy Liars 2018” (Private Eye). I’m sure Cheshire East council will be making the Rotten Boroughs section of Private Eye again very soon.
Not only have they had to bring in a team of experts to sort out bullying, it is also a national laughing stock. — Yours faithfully,

Alsager Labour Party.

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