Curfew is needed for beige brigade

Dear Sir, — Being a busy mum, I’m always dashing around — meeting myself coming back sometimes.
A visit to the supermarket is a trial, no one seems to be in a rush — only me!
I get delayed at the deli, as elderly Doris requests one slice of tongue, one slice of corned beef etc.
Further congestion greets me in the isles as more pensioners peruse the shelves on their quest for Hobnobs and Horlicks.
May I propose some kind of lodger curfew, say no OAPs to clog the aisles between 1pm and 5pm, so those of us at trolley dash speed, no longer get waylaid by the beige brigade. — Yours faithfully,

PS I love pensioners really, though I couldn’t eat a whole one!

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