Cycling is good for all, not just cyclists

Dear Sir, — I appreciate and would like to thank the residents who have corresponded in response to my recent letter in the Chronicle, either via email, or through a letter to the editor and I have noted their comments. 
If there are residents who would like to walk and cycle more and there are barriers that stop them, please get in touch so that I can understand their views more fully. I would be delighted to cycle around to show you how easy it is to cycle for active travel and getting fit. 
Improvements to the traffic-free cycling infrastructure and safety improvements at junctions and roundabouts aren’t only about looking after cyclists, they are about creating an environment that will increase the uptake of cycling and walking for short journeys, especially for people who currently use their car and do not cycle or walk. 
This is why the bus shelter needs to be removed; its location creates a conflicting, less pleasant environment for both pedestrians and cyclists and, if removed, could contribute to a better environment that could mean fewer people driving for short journeys. 
With reduced carbon emissions, improved air quality and improved fitness levels because people are more active more often, everybody benefits, which is looking after everybody not just cyclists. 
In addition, Cheshire East has more than 50 cycling clubs, a significant number of whose members are older than 50. 
Cycling is an activity that people who have arthritis can take part in. It is a well-known medical fact that exercise improves the fitness of the body, which makes our joints stronger, more mobile and, in turn, can reduce the detrimental impact of arthritis. 
This doesn’t mean to say that everybody who has arthritis can cycle but it is an activity that is easier to do if you do have painful joints. Any activity that isn’t weight-bearing such as swimming and yoga will do the same. 
Nobody ever complains about being active — the benefits are significant and we should all try and do something every day. — Yours faithfully,

Cycling and walking champion,
Cheshire East Council.