Cycling will be  affected as well

Dear Sir, — The planning application opposite Waitrose in Sandbach was mentioned in the article “Latest plan would still be ‘a mass of concrete’”, Sandbach Chronicle 16th January. 
The proposed changes to the roundabout were described by one person as “just not going to work”. 
This presumably refers to driving, but cycling will be affected too.
The roundabout will have five arms and will be larger.
Three of the current four entry roads into the roundabout have one lane. This will be increased to two lanes. According to the developer’s transport statement, there will additionally be “… improvements to the geometries of the approaches (which) provides a significant increase to the capacity of the junction above the existing layout.” 
I assume this will also result in higher entry speed to the roundabout and will make on-road cycling much more challenging.
The existing shared footways for pedestrians and cyclists around the roundabout are currently hardly used by cyclists due to inadequate width and poor design.
They will be almost identical on the enlarged roundabout thus providing little useful alternative for cyclists. — Yours faithfully,

Cycling UK.