Did anyone see relief road tender?

Dear Sir, — Don’t you just love Coun Don Stockton? Two weeks ago he claimed responsibility for building the new Congleton relief road and now Ron Eardley is having to crouch down to show him the state of Loachbrook Avenue in Congleton, something missed by our highways inspectors, despite three visits a year.
Don’t give up, Ron and if you need a lift to get up, ring Don. His contact details can be found at letsbuildmorehouses.com
Of course “quick off the mark Don” has found a well-known contractor to build said road. Did anyone see the job go out to tender? He also announces that the road “will unlock” more land for building, which will mean the road will be overused within a couple of years! Don’t you just love Don?
I have also heard a whisper that Ringway Jacobs, who go under the guise of CE highways, has had its contract renewed.
Did that go out to tender? How can we expect a self-governing body to maintain (I use that term very loosely) our infrastructure? It is they that decide what or not to maintain, replace or repair in the name of their profit margin! I can point to two leaning light standards two miles apart that have been in that condition for at least 12 months.
Legh Road in Knutsford is a disgrace, the wearing course has parted company in large areas. The list is endless. Don’t you just love Don?
The Congleton relief road appears to be rushed through. Sorry for being sceptical but it’s nothing to do with the elections being next year. Don’t you just love Don?
I didn’t really want to mention Mike Suarez. Don’t you just love Rachael Bailey? No, I don’t!
When Blaster Bates caused a shower of sh*t over Cheshire he didn’t know how long it would last! — Yours faithfully,

The link road did go out to tender, published 17th July. The tender read: “The proposed A536 Congleton Link Road is a 5.7km long, 9.3m wide single carriageway road running to the north of Congleton between the A534 Sandbach Road in the west and the A536 Macclesfield Road in the northeast. The mainline has five 50m and one 60m diameter radii roundabouts including junctions with the A54 and A34. The link road passes beneath Chelford Road in an area subject to a high water table. The road will be cut approximately 8m deep into mudstone in a 25m high escarpment before crossing the River Dane on an 85m long bridge and landing on a 12m high embankment founded on piled alluvium. There are two other road bridge crossings and two underpasses. The scheme also has approximately 3.5km of realigned or new local roads and significant amounts of landscaping and environmental mitigation works to accommodate great crested newts, bats and ancient woodland.”
Ringway Jacobs: the company was awarded the highway services contract on 6th October 2011 for five years, with the option for a two-year extension to October 2018. Cheshire East Council Cabinet agreed to start a new procurement process on 17th January, 2017. On 12th June, Cabinet approved a preferred bidder; parking services, street sweeping, and public rights of way may also come under the contract. As far as we know, the name has not yet been released. — Editor.

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