Disaster in climate change battle

Dear Sir, — Caroline Lucas, the Green Party co-leader, has said that Heathrow expansion puts a “wrecking ball” through Britain’s climate policies.
Lucas, who voted against the Heathrow expansion, said that the vote in favour was “willingly waving the white flag to catastrophic climate change” and that Boris Johnson was “bulldozing what is left of his own reputation”.
She said MPs should unshackle themselves from the interests of the big business lobby and those who peddle overblown hype on job creation — and take a stand. 
We need serious infrastructure investment in Britain — but that must be low-carbon, clean transport systems for the future, not a mega airport in West London.
The fact that Boris Johnson missed the vote truly underlines his utter spinelessness.
He stood against Heathrow as a point of principle and then fled the country to save his job and maintain his disastrous political career.
Johnson said he’d lie down in front the bulldozers at Heathrow but instead he bowed out of politics for the day and bulldozed what was left of his own reputation.
We now know that several North West MPs — both Labour and Conservative — voted in favour of Heathrow expansion.
Locally they were Labour’s Laura Smith (Crewe and Nantwich), and Conservatives Fiona Bruce (Congleton) and David Rutley (Macclesfield).
Any lip-service these individuals and their parties pay to air-quality and the environment will now have to be evaluated in the light of this vote.
It is particularly shocking that MPs representing constituencies such as Wythenshawe, Cheadle, Stockport and Tatton — already badly affected by airport noise and air-pollution — voted to inflict more of the same on the residents of West London and the Thames Valley. This decision is a disaster for all those who care about Britain’s role in combating catastrophic climate change. – Yours faithfully,

North West Green Party.

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