Discover the right time to say nothing

Dear Sir, — I suppose in some respects I should have expected that a number of people who were highly critical of the Government, Boris Johnson and Fiona Bruce MP before the general election would find it difficult to display any level of dignity in the wake of the crushing defeat imposed by the electorate, and would be quite unable to resist the urge to act in a manner not dissimilar to their behaviour following the referendum.
When one takes account of the massive majorities which the Government achieved in the constituencies of the area served by the Chronicle, you would think that these bitterly disappointed people might at least face up to the reality that on many counts their views were well and truly trashed.
I would not, however, wish to deny them their basic right to retain, and talk about, their political beliefs but surely somewhere in their pit of despair they have the capability to discover the right time to say nothing.
The coronavirus situation is an unwanted state of affairs but the Government and their opponents are combining well with plans to restrict the spread of the disease. 
Only time will tell and everybody has to be patient and co-operative in dealing with the problem. — Yours faithfully,