Do we require all these councillors?

Dear Sir, — I have been getting a little bit concerned as to whether Cheshire East Council really needs 82 borough councillor plus numerous town and parish councillors to look after the requirements of the residents.
The very poor attendance of some of our borough councillors makes it look as though they are making a poor attempt making the borough a better place to live.
Regarding the borough council, which now has wholly-owned companies providing most of the required services that are supplied to the residents, the decisions made by these companies do not go through the borough council’s scrutiny systems and yet the councils pay the cost of the council members who make up the boards of these companies. The cost to the taxpayer is just over £100,000 plus one or two officers with each company.
The 82 councillors in the year 2018/19 cost the taxpayer more than £1m, plus the fees for councillors who are company directors.
And what about the cost of our 82 councillors when 34 have attended 14 or less meetings over the last 10 months and 14 have attended less than 10 meetings in that time?
Two of our extremely hard working Congleton borough councillors have attended five or six meetings in 10 months in the 2019/ 2029 financial year. I have not forgotten we have 20 town councillors, but they appear quite happy to see the town desperately in need of a makeover. — Yours faithfully,