Dog urine spreads diseases as well

Dear Sir, — When I first became a local councillor 11 years ago, I nervously started campaigning about dog mess. 
I feared a backlash from dog walkers, but in fact they have been the greatest supporters of the campaign, as they suffer twice from unpicked up dog poo — once because they have to avoid treading in it and again when others blame them for uncollected poo. 
I researched the health hazards of dog poo and calculated that one child in Sandbach would go blind in my lifetime as a result of toxocariasis. 
Even having done the research it was still shocking when a lady from Sandbach rang me up and said her daughter had gone blind in one eye as a result of toxocariasis.
Dog poo is still a regular complaint when I speak to people on their doorsteps, but I am pleased to say that there has been a noticeable improvement in many areas of Sandbach over the last 10 years. 
Failing to pick up after your dog has become socially unacceptable.
This week I was approached for the first time about dog urine, which can also spread diseases including leptospirosis. 
So if you are tempted to sit down on a nice green grassy area such as the one pictured, then please remember to wash your hands afterwards. 
The area pictured on Sandbach Heath is used by many dogs and while most of the dogs will be disease free, there are bound to be some that are not. I would be interested to hear from readers how to respond to this issue. — Yours faithfully,

Labour and Co-operative councillor.

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