Don’t use God’s will as a reason

Dear Sir, — In reply to Coun Paul Duffy in your 1st August edition. 
He says the term “lifestyle” when applied to people who support LGBT is unacceptable. 
It is a very common and popular term when applied to any other activity and there are many newspaper supplements devoted to it. 
However, his objection becomes clearer as he says “Being LGBT is not engaging in a lifestyle. It is precisely who you are as a human being”. 
My understanding of human nature is that the way we see ourselves, ie our identity, is determined by our beliefs and desires and how we think we “fit in” to society. 
It can also be what others think of us (negative or positive) and the labels they put on us. 
We also use labels to define ourselves by what we do, which is usually our work eg “I am a teacher”. 
What we do, or our activities is a lifestyle. So what is wrong with that? 
If you define yourself as a certain type of person, you will want to live that lifestyle. 
I think the objection goes deeper than that and to some extent is shared by many Christians. It is the way we are made that defines us, not what we do. 
Putting it scientifically you can call it “genetic identity” ie, who we are, is written into our DNA. 
One of the writers in the Bible says: “I am fearfully (incredibly) and wonderfully made”. 
For a Christian it goes deeper even than that, because as well as being made by God, we also have a relationship with him as our spiritual Father because our Lord Jesus taught this to his followers. So far we might have common ground. 
The big difference between us involves the Christian belief in freedom of choice, shared by humanists but for Christians is God-given. This means we are given the freedom to accept or reject him, to reject his family relationship and finally to reject his rules for living clearly stated in the Bible. 
Most people recognise that for society to function, we have to have human laws that keep us safe as individuals. 
Laws to introduce seat belts in cars and against drink-driving were not accepted by many as an infringement of liberty when first enacted, but are now seen as necessary for our safety. 
Freedom of choice also means that we are not at the mercy of a supposed identity that forces us to act in a certain way. Our human laws certainly assume that we have a choice to obey or not (and face the consequences). 
If you break the law you cannot excuse yourself by saying: “It isn’t my fault, it is the way I am made” 
Many try to say this of course eg, “It was the drink made me do it m’Lud”. 
Unfortunately many liberal minded Christians, as well as Coun Duffy, have now fallen into this error and assume that God has made them in such a way that they MUST do what their desire dictates and therefore it must be God’s will. 
This is entirely contrary to Biblical teaching that says we are responsible for our own actions. 
If a person wishes to follow a homosexual lifestyle, that is their choice, but don’t use God’s will as a reason. 
With regard to Coun Duffy’s comments on “progress”, I would say it depends on what we are progressing to. 
The evidence I see is that since we have thrown out God’s laws and substituted our own over the last 70 years of my lifetime, the only progress is towards more dissatisfaction, more crime and violence, more mental illness, less respect and less tolerance. — Yours faithfully,

Holmes Chapel.

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