Easter gratitude

I stood beneath the cross that day 
Gazed into pain-filled eyes 
The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed 
Across the darkened skies 
Three crosses silhouetted 
On the hill called Calvary 
Two thieves on either side of Jesus 
What could all this be? 
I’d seen him heal the blind, the lame 
Feed thousands on the hill 
Reach out His hand of blessing 
He who waves and storms could still! 
Then suddenly I realised 
It was in fact for me 
On that lonely day He paid the price 
From sin to set me free! 
My guilt he bore, He took my place 
Forgiving all my past 
My heart, my life, I’ll give to Him 
My soul find peace at last! 
Then again I gazed — an empty tomb! 
I saw with tear-filled eyes 
I remembered all His promises 
In joy I realised... 
He had risen from the dead 
And was alive for evermore 
As the risen, perfect saviour
He had opened Heaven’s door! 
Forgiveness, peace and joy 
Are now enveloping my heart 
Thank you Lord for Easter 
Where new life can surely start. 
New Life Church. 

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