End male violence against women 

Dear Sir, — I write to you on behalf of White Ribbon UK, a non-political charity formed in 2007.
White Ribbon UK’s mission is to end male violence against women, once and for all. We engage men in calling out violent, bullying behaviour among their peers, and spreading a message of equality and respect.
While we have inequality in our society, it’s vital that we encourage men to recognise and stand against sexism and gender-based violence in all forms.
I am pleased to say that I am an official ambassador for this campaign and have taken their pledge below, which 32,412 other men have already signed.
“Never excuse, commit or remain silent about male violence to women”. The White Ribbon campaign is completely non-political and enjoys cross-party support both nationally and in Parliament — it is not associated with any political party, and my interest in this campaign is entirely a personal and ethical position.
Many organisations have already achieved White Ribbon accreditation, which you will note includes many councils throughout the UK.
In a year that marks the 100th anniversary of women gaining the vote, I write in connection with this worthy campaign in the hope that Congleton Town Council, whom I have approached, would be interested in gaining White Ribbon accreditation for Congleton. This would make the council one of the very first town councils in the UK with this accreditation and would thus be leading the way in promoting women’s rights in this anniversary year.
Any public-facing organisation can and should apply for White Ribbon accreditation; councils, local authorities, police and fire services, schools and universities, sports clubs and venues — these are all examples of organisations that are eligible for the White Ribbon Award programme.
White Ribbon provides a comprehensive action plan for organisations to effectively marshal their resources and personnel to challenge male violence against women and make a genuine difference. The action plan is concise and wide-ranging, and offers achievable goals for organisations to reach to bring about genuine change. Once an organisation can demonstrate a commitment to this plan, it becomes eligible for the White Ribbon Award.
White Ribbon Status is an official White Ribbon accreditation that entitles an organisation to White Ribbon training and campaigning guidance, use of White Ribbon branding on official documents and signage, and exclusive access to a network of other accredited organisations to promote fundraising, awareness and events.
The cost of application to become a White Ribbon Authority is completely free for two years of accreditation, though there would be a requirement to support an annual fundraising event in lieu of an application fee, which would usually be £500 for an organisation such as a unitary authority.
White Ribbon status would therefore be completely free to all council tax payers. I sincerely hope our council engage in this amazing cause, and I hope to meet with them shortly to further convince them of the many merits of this campaign.
In the meantime, if any of your readers would like any further information about the work of this amazing charity, full details are available at whiteribbon.org.uk — Yours faithfully,


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