Flaming June – where are you ?

Flaming June, where have you gone?
Nothing but rain from day one!
Cloudy skies have had their way
No brightness to warm a summer’s day
Evening’s dull overhead gloom
No lovers walk under romancing moon!
Gardens’ dripping trees bow to ground
Babbling brook has a river sound.
Grasses sodden, worms on the swim,
Blackbirds delight as they pop their beak in!
Umbrellas a must if you want to stay dry
Halfway through June birds too wet to fly!
Cows sit in squelch, that’s their forte in rain
Horses docile, bedraggled tail and mane!
What’s to become of beautiful June roses?
It’s all gone to pot, as there’s nothing for posies!
No deckchairs to sit on white golden sands!
Nowhere’s inviting, no joyous handstands!
Unless you’re a fish or duck with a tail to go,
It seems like this year’s June is paddle and row!

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