Flats do not have food waste caddies

 Dear Sir, — The usual concept of Cheshire East Borough council is that it treats every resident of the borough the same. 
The advertisement on food waste in the 30th January issue of the Chronicle states a family saves an average of £70 per month in food waste. What it does not say is it discriminates against anybody living in an apartment in the borough.
The fact is that the advertisement is not true because if you live in an apartment or flat you do not get a caddy or biodegradable bag because you do not exist, as far as the organised plan for collecting food waste is concerned. 
The food waste collecting system was organised on a house basis only, with one family living in it and with one green garden waste bin 
You are then entitled to be given one caddy.
I live in property of 22 apartments with a communal garden and have eight garden waste bins. 
According to Cheshire East in a telephone conversation today, they explained that we would need to have 22 garden waste bins to warrant 22 food waste caddies being given to us and collected, but we do not have the space or requirements for 22 garden waste bins.
The thousands of residents who live in apartments in Cheshire East do not exist as far as the food waste scheme is concerned, because Cheshire East has not programmed them into the system so they cannot have a caddy for their food waste to be collected. — Yours faithfully,