Flooding problem areas are ignored

Dear Sir, — Blocked drains have been reported by me on numerous occasions but nothing seems to be done? The blocked drains by the Biddulph Arms are a complete nuisance to pedestrians and the residents who have to endure a mini-lake outside their properties for days on end.
The drains on Tunstall Road opposite Mill Hayes playing field are also completely blocked with a large lagoon being formed.
The water is quite deep when you are driving to work at 05.20!
The drains at the bottom of Woodhouse Lane near the junction with Congleton Road are also blocked and need clearing out.
Another longstanding blocked drain is on Grange Road just before Congleton Road — a mini-lake forms at this spot too.
I noticed council contractor Burntwood engineering working on drains in Washington Close, Gillow Heath.
Would it not have made more sense to tackle the above long-standing problems first rather than just routinely doing streets first because they happen to be down on the list of a two-year maintenance schedule?
Where is the logic in ignoring the problem areas that have been reported many times by myself and Biddulph councillors? — Yours faithfully,

Gillow Heath.