Garland’s version was not the first 

Dear Sir, — OK. I held off responding to this mistake made in your 2nd January edition but as you’ve repeated it, not once but twice, in last week’s Chronicle I can restrain myself no longer! 
In your latest edition’s what’s on promotion of Denise Nolan’s tribute show to Judy Garland (which, oddly, appears on two facing pages!) you list three of Garland’s “most iconic films of all time”. Included in those is what you refer to as “the original” A Star is Born.
Fact check: The 1954 version of this film, starring Judy Garland and James Mason, was a remake. The original A Star is Born appeared in 1937 and starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Beware placing too much trust in the internet. Several sites on there make the same error that you have in citing Garland’s version (easily the best of the four attempts at this film, in my opinion) as the first. 
Then again, perhaps the mistake is that of the promoter of Denise Nolan’s show, whose blurb you may have simply reproduced. 
Here’s hoping that the “anecdotes about Garland’s life” that feature in the show are better researched. — Yours faithfully,

Apologies for that. The information does indeed come from the promoter’s blurb. – Editor.