Germany causing EU to collapse?

Dear Sir, — Is Germany changing and the EU, as we know it, starting to collapse? 
For the last 12 months, and beyond, Germany has struggled to navigate some of its biggest challenges in its post-war history, thus, in my opinion, it is essentially leaderless.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already announced she will not stand in another election, meaning she’ll be out of her job by the end of next year, but importantly, this week, her chosen successor gave notice to quit.
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer became the leader of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in December 2018. As leader of Germany’s most popular political party, she was the most likely candidate for Germany’s next chancellor. Until today, that is.
Kramp-Karrenbauer became a casualty of what, I fear, is the start of a political earthquake, an earthquake that struck Germany last week.
Recently, for the first time in Germany’s post-war history, a far-right party played a role in forming a government in Germany. Merkel’s CDU worked with the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) to elect a candidate from a third, moderately right-wing party, in the state of Thuringia.
I find this to be a frightening situation, please forgive me, but historically, could parallels be drawn to the rise of the Nazi Party? In addition Thuringia is where the Nazis first gained power in 1930. Is a “crack” appearing in exactly the same place as it did in the past? 
The backlash was immediate. Ms Merkel was very critical of her own party’s role in the debacle and the newly-elected state premier resigned after about a day in office.
Kramp-Karrenbauer’s career, it appears, was damaged beyond repair and Germany now stands leaderless.
Am I seeing too much with regards to history repeating itself, as I thought that this would not be possible in the present day? 
Is Germany collapsing and the EU, as we know it, heading for disaster? – Yours faithfully,