Go to the police, forget ombudsman 

Dear Sir, — Regarding the letter of David Whitworth, Chronicle 6th February and the figures in the Vissim transport study: maladministration is a crime! It can be trivial or extremely serious for instance, misconduct in public office has a tariff of life. That should take the smirk off public servants in Cheshire East.
Cheshire East was a runner-up in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs, a competition run by a magazine with a circulation of 250,000 nationwide.
Its purpose is to expose the most rotten boroughs in the UK. We, as residents, are ridiculed nationwide, far, far wider than the Chronicle circulation. 
This is due to the apathy of residents that have allowed this behaviour to escape justice for years.
Cheshire East, you will treat us with the respect and within the law as required by your office. So, Mr Whitworth, go to the police, forget the ombudsman, he is just a horse on the Government’s many roundabouts, round and round, delay, deny, hope they die. — Yours faithfully,