Has Boris started to dig his own grave?

Dear Sir, — As far as HS2 was concerned, Boris said that he was going to keep digging, but has he started to dig his own grave, not only with HS2, but with such projects as 5G and fracking?
5G: with regards to Huawei, I feel the Government’s decision to involve Chinese technology to build Britain’s 5G network will put our national security at risk. I am convinced that this is the worst decision taken by a UK government for many years. 
Allowing Huawei into the heart of our planned 5G network threatens the vital “Five Eyes” intelligence partnership with the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It also threatens the future of NATO, and crucially, our prospects of post-Brexit trade deals with Australia and the USA.
The truth is that we have ended up in this position because senior establishment figures in British public life have been bought and paid for by China. We didn’t free Britain from Brussels only to bow before Beijing.
This is an urgent matter of strategic national security and, perhaps, people should be encouraged to write to their MP, set ting out their concerns.
Senior Conservative figures such as David Davis and Sir Iain Duncan Smith are speaking out against the Government on this issue, but it’s up to the electorate to keep up the pressure. Boris Johnson must change his mind on Huawei, and we can only make that happen if we all express justifiable concern.
HS2 has tremendous support … for cancellation. Especially when improvements are required in the north from west to east, especially electrification, plus HS2’s escalating, unacceptable, unjustifiable cost, not to mention support for flooding, coastal erosion.
Not to mention the loss of over 108 irreplaceable, ancient woodlands, one of the largest deforestation programmes since WWI, the demolition of perfectly good housing, the loss of rare chalk streams, especially in the Chilterns, all wrecking of our invaluable, irreplaceable countryside.
The report that gave the green light was branded as a whitewash and disowned by a co-author. Lord Berkeley accused officials of covering up damning evidence that the costs had spiralled up to £103bn and may well spiral to £150bn. Lord Berkeley said that the report lacked “balance”. It did not delve deeply enough into such things as cost including the lack of benefits to the taxpayer.
Boris’s chief adviser, Andrew Gilligan, advised Boris to axe HS2 in the south and use the cash in the north, thus diverting Government efforts into rail services in the new Tory “heartland”.
The HS2 rail project has never really made much sense and no convincing case has ever been made to justify it. Other more modest improvements would do more for less money and major northern cities are badly connected and, when they are connected, they are ridiculously slow. Surely the cancellation would be politically astute if the Tories were seen to consolidate its new northern seats?
Fracking: Numerous reports have been produced warning against fracking and, some countries including Scotland have legislated against fracking.
Historically, in the “birth place of fracking”, a town called Denton, in Texas, where they have lived with fracking since the late 20s, they moved to pass legislation to ban it. This is despite alleged spending of the oil industry to the tune of 700,000 dollars to contest the decision.
Other places that have banned fracking include the Netherlands, France, large parts of Canada and the City of New York, citing concern for the environment.
In May 2012, the state of Vermont became the first state to outlaw hydraulic fracturing and New York state, which unlike Vermont has significant gas reserves, banned the practice in December 2014. Maryland has also banned fracking for two and a half years, with a promise of new regulations after the ban lifts. — Yours faithfully,

Denton voted overwhelmingly to ban fracking, and the drilling stopped immediately … until the Texas Oil and Gas Association persuaded the state to pass a bill that prohibits bans on fracking. NYC banned fracking but imports shale gas from Pennsylvania. Four out of Canada’s 10 provinces have province-wide bans on fracking. — Editor.