Here to ensure PM sticks to promises

Dear Sir, — We were supposed to have left the EU in March last year, but due to a Westminster Parliament determined not to respect the 2016 referendum, it looked like the voice of 17.4m voters was not going to be heard.
Due to Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party, we are now in a completely different place, as we will leave the EU by 31st January.
A big thank you is due to all the people who helped make this dream come true; without them this would not have been possible.
Now we need a government to properly negotiate for the British people and get a free trade agreement that works for us all.
The road will be bumpy but we will be better off outside, and I and my colleagues will be here to ensure Boris sticks to his promises.
Happy New Year. — Yours faithfully,

North West Brexit Party MEP.