Heritage festival wants your items

Dear Sir, — This September Congleton will be holding its second heritage and antiques festival. 
We know that there are many collectors out there in the community who have wonderful private collections and an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject. 
We are looking for people to take part in the festival and share this passion for collecting with others. 
This could include interests such as classic cars, Barbie dolls, art deco glass etc. 
Collections can be made up of absolutely anything. As long as the passion is there the possibilities are endless. 
We can provide the venue, projector, etc.
The heritage and antiques festival in 2018 attracted people to more than 90 events over a two-week period, and we hope to do the same this time around. 
If you are interested contact us at congletonhanda@gmail.com or phone 01260 279 872. — Yours faithfully,