His comments were not justified

Dear Sir, — The comments by Neville Price concerning Alsager Town Coun Jane Smith were not justified.
If she speaks up for animals and the countryside it does not mean that she does not support people.
I am thankful for the few who do speak up for animal welfare and the environment; the overwhelming amount of problems affecting people leave most of us too little time to consider the effects of modern life on the natural world. A phrase to remember: “We are all connected”.
It pays to examine the roots of problems, to look where criticism should be aimed.
The cost of the policing, £800,000, has been reported as being sufficient investment to vaccinate every cow; each badger culled has apparently cost £1,100 per head. Since the decision was to cull, there could hardly be a scenario allowed where armed individuals were tramping through the countryside with a “view to a kill”.
I attended a meeting of protest against the cull, some time ago, where it was pointed out that there was very little vaccine available and it would be some time before that situation was remedied. Is it not up to Government departments such as Defra to take responsibility and ensure supplies? Animal welfare groups that I subscribe to continually highlight how overworked some dairy cattle can be to provide higher yields — so that the farmer can survive in the face of supermarket competition. This is a factor that must surely affect the health of the cows.
(The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard a spokesman for the merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda, to cut prices by 10%, was how will that eventually reflect on animal welfare).
To elaborate on a further point of the writer: the cost of policing the fracking sites has its roots in the failure of Government, national and local, to listen to reasonable protest and ensure democratic rights. People are tired of attacks on their environment — the number of licences issued should cause concern in this county — if they are ever fully implemented.
The fact that the Cheshire East local plan had no planning at all was never more evident than in its failure to have no mention of what land must be kept for agriculture and well-being.
Around Alsager views that were irreplaceable have been lost to a development, which is experiencing problems forecast by residents but unheeded by Cheshire East Council and the developers.
“Little we see in Nature that is ours; ..... we are out of tune” — Wordsworth. — Yours faithfully,