Hope NHS changes are useful to all

Dear Sir — In this new year, new decade, I wonder how and why so many people seem uneasy — or indeed, unhappy — because the world appears to be a strange place to them.
I spent some time in a very strange situation in 2019AD.
Having done my research into a problem, overnight, I was very tired the following day — as anyone might expect.
It was then that I was eventually taken to hospital, by ambulance.
Nothing strange, or unusual about that — at least it seemed so.
Now, I do understand! How can this have happened? I saw it all, from the outside, as in a dream ...! A day’s wrong prescription was followed by a nightmare reaction.
Let’s hope the changes to our NHS are sufficient to be useful for everyone.
Today, I begin a new year.
Hopefully some good will have come, to help all creatures great and small, including elderly humans.
Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped me to believe that there is a happy new year in 2020 AD. — Yours faithfully,