Houses look better than a derelict site

 Dear Sir, — There is a recent planning application for the former Forge Colour Works, Congleton Road, Biddulph.
I have lived opposite this site for 27 years and the last 14 years the site has been derelict.
This site would greatly benefit from redevelopment, but a redevelopment that has the area in consideration. I feel this new planning application assists in that, as Biddulph has developed over the years and industry has moved to the top end of the town on the new business park, so the bottom end, namely here, (near the grange) is much more green belt in appearance (although the site is actually classed as brown site) and house-driven in its appearance.
In the proposed application the houses are sympathetic which fits into the environment with its proposed scheme.
I understand there are issues of contamination on the land but any proposal will face these issues. This is the best proposal for this land in the past 14 years. The proposer, Renew Land Developments, has undertaken to rid the land of pollution and build desirable homes, the current state of the site blights my home and its resale value. 
Having homes opposite is a much better proposal than a derelict site or even a waste company as was the last proposal, which none of my neighbours wanted.
I would strongly urge Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to back this application and assist those who live opposite, to live in a nicer environment than we currently do. I have the full support of all my neighbours, we have all attended the consultation evening with the building group and we all wish for this to go ahead.
One of the major issues that I have heard of during the last few weeks is that the planning department at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is considering using green belt sites for houses in Biddulph rather than allow this site the go ahead; if this is true this is outrageous. 
The people in planning are our representatives and should have our interests at heart. — Yours faithfully,