Hysteria is contagious

Dear Sir, — Find below a letter I read in the national Press from Dr JC Edwards, of Goostrey. I hope Dr Edwards does not mind me using his letter “Hysteria is contagious”.
Flu kills thousands a year in Britain, so why are we in terror over a few dozen cases of Coronavirus in a population of 66m?
coronavirus is not smallpox, the black death or a zombie apocalypse. It is akin to the flu, and more than 98% of people who get it will recover. What’s wrong with us? Are we all snowflakes?
Thank goodness that there are still some level-headed people in the medical profession who have some commonsense instead of all the scare mongering that we are hearing from the various types of media.
Well done, Dr Edwards and if you are a GP and still work in a practice, do you have any vacancies? I would like to register with you because you speak my sort of language. — Yours faithfully,