I doubt you are fit to own a dog

Dear Sir — May I take this opportunity to thank the moronic and irresponsible owner that let his/her dog defecate at the bottom of my drive and adjoining public pavement. 
If you are capable of reading this (and I have serious doubts about that), you are not fit to own a dog. 
How could you even think that this is in any way acceptable behavior? 
Sandbach Road is a major thoroughfare and the footpaths are regularly used by schoolchildren, elderly persons and mums with pushchairs. Shame on you.
In a wider context, my wife and I regularly walk in to town and have noticed that unfortunately there seems to be an increasing problem of dog mess. 
This is reminiscent of the situation we had a couple of years ago and it is both disgusting and embarrassing to consider what visitors to the town must think.
I am afraid that the only long-term solution is the deployment of dog wardens and surveillance cameras with the imposition of draconian fines for those responsible. 
The money generated could be used to help fund the scheme.
By the way, I love dogs and had one myself previously (always ensuring to clean up after it of course).
Rant over! — Yours faithfully,