Ignoring success of Great BritainĀ 

Dear Sir, — After reading various newspapers with regards to the Brexit situation, it has become clear that there is a distinct cultural difference between Brexiteers and Remainers. 
A lot of well-known individuals who campaigned to leave the EU have been the victims of cruel and vitriolic social media attacks by avid Remainers. Disease, injury and even death has been wished upon the victims by these revolting trolls, though I have never seen a report of any high profile Remainers receiving the same treatment from Brexiteers. 
There is, of course, the age difference to consider between the two camps and it is true that the vote was carried by a lot of older citizens, myself among them and I am convinced that love of one’s country played a great part in the result of the vote.
I can’t speak for all Remainers but I seem to get the distinct impression that they do not seem to have a lot, if any, pride in their country. A large swathe of the population has become apologist and unhappy with our history and seem to find only fault and ignore the successes of Great Britain. Margaret Brown is searching for the ideal democracy though she will never find one because it will never exist. The most we can hope for is the best of a mixed bunch and to be honest there isn’t another country I can think of that is better than ours.
America, Russia, China, North Korea, Scandinavia, Mexico, several South American countries, Malaysia, the Middle East, North Africa, et al, who in their right mind would swap our democracy for anything coming from these countries? 
Closer to home we have France, financial problems, riven by riots and dissent, setting fire to roads and violent clashes in major cities. 
Germany, a country becoming increasingly threatened by a far right faction since the pulling down of the Berlin Wall, Greece brought to its knees by the EU, and Italy has financial problems and overpricing of food and drinks for tourists. 
Spain is suffering financially and its peoples divided yet the one thing all of the EU countries have is the pride of their citizens.
Show me a French, German, Italian or Spanish person who is not fiercely proud of their nationality and yet we have a large number of our own nationals who seem to be ashamed of their country. They will gladly wave an EU flag but would not dream of waving the Union flag, shame on them! 
We have much to look forward to and we all need to pull together to get it right. No, we haven’t got the perfect system and it has its faults and problems but it is a damn sight better than the rest of what’s on offer. National pride is nothing to be ashamed of, it is vital for this country to succeed. — Yours faithfully,
Picking the low-hanging fruit on either side of any argument is always (ho ho) fruitless but there were morons on both sides of the argument: Robert Vidler was jailed after he targeted six Remain MPs with voicemails and abusive calls. City of London Magistrates’ Court heard that one message, left for the then-Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford Nick Boles, said: “If you f*** up Brexit we will cut your f***** throat.” Gina Miller faced threats of acid attacks and in October 2019, the Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into a GoFundMe campaign trying to raise £10,000 to hire a hitman to kill Ms Miller. Jo Cox was murdered by a man shouting “Britain First”.
Anyone on social media will see that the abuse is thrown around by both sides, though of course mainly by people with no coherent argument either way (unlike the eloquent Mr Turner).
As for age: Vidler was 64, Thomas Mair was 56.