Insulted councillor has quit committees

Dear Sir, — As a former large animal vet, I have great sympathy for farmers and their problems with bovine TB.
As a Cheshire East councillor, I attended the full council meeting on 26th July where members of the public raised the issue of killing badgers as a control on TB.
This “cull” has not been proved to be the answer.
This brings me to the letter submitted by Sue Helliwell. She complains that the residents speaking about badgers stopped her from speaking about the bus cuts, which, she contends, has resulted in poorer service for the disabled.
This is a different debate that hopefully Coun Helliwell can persuade her party to reopen.
It should be remembered that the cuts were instigated by the Conservative-led Cheshire East Council to help its budget proposals.
To then suggest that Coun Smith has no compassion for humans, just because she spoke about badgers, is completely uncalled for and demands an apology in your pages. I have witnessed the actions of Coun Smith since she joined the council. She has done good work using sound judgement and a steady head to help the council. I understand that she has tendered her resignation from committees in which Coun Helliwell is also involved. It will be a sad loss. — Yours faithfully,


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