Isn’t MP entitled to have a view? 

Dear Sir, — What on earth is “An Anonymous Constituent Of Congleton” talking about? Is Fiona Bruce the Conservative MP for Congleton not entitled to have her own view on a particular subject? 
It is not compulsory for a person to have to agree to the concept of gay marriage, and to suggest that the Tory MP for Congleton should step down is too ludicrous for words. 
As far as I know, more than 28,000 constituents voted for Fiona Bruce and most of them would have been well aware that she voted against the Bill in Parliament before putting a cross against their candidate of choice in the general election.
I don’t know why the anonymous writer decided to pen the letter concerned but I feel sure that it involves more than just a tad of mischief and the person is possibly a supporter of one of the losing candidates in the general election.
It is quite obvious, for all manner of reasons, that Fiona Bruce is a very popular figure in the Congleton constituency and, notwithstanding the fact that a person is entitled to pinpoint a particular point of view not shared by their MP, it does the anonymous writer no credit in suggesting that she isn’t fit to be a Member of Parliament and should step down. — Yours faithfully,