It’s not taken the PM long to forget 

Dear Sir, — Anyone who doubted that the EU was desperate to keep the UK’s membership should consider the latest quote from the French foreign minister, who has predicted that the two sides would “rip each other apart” during negotiations. 
Before talks have even commenced he has said it would be tough for the UK to achieve a free trade deal by the end of the year. 
The regrets from EU leaders, voiced after the election, that early talks could have been handled better, have soon returned to the entrenched disrespect that I believe they hold for the UK.
Likewise it has not taken our prime minister long to forget about the people power that helped him into office. 
His first betrayal is the failure to deliver free television licences for the over 75s, with our own BBC, which does not bode well for the bitterness that he will encounter abroad. 
Have ministers considered that the recent award of some £5 per week may be immediately reduced by 60% for pensioners who now have to find the £157 licence fee? There will also be the increase in council tax.
During Brexit a cynical new strategy appeared which considered the age of an electoral group. 
Perhaps the PM has worked out that those over 75 who have become accustomed to the free television will probably not be around to vote in the next election.
I think it safer to believe in any conspiracy theory, however wild. 
After years of seeing my environment become more unsightly with over development without a single compensating benefit and be continuously told that there is no money should I not be in awe of recent tidings?
BILLIONS are now at our disposal to exit the EU, build HS2, flood defences, the NHS, infrastructure and for whatever any electoral group wished. Just rub up Boris the genie and it was granted.
On the subject of HS2 alone, I fear I wish the genie was back in his bottle. 
For me, Brexit was about taking control of our country and dealing with the everyday priorities of getting to work and being able to shop in our own town centre communities and for people power to replace foreign influence. 
It was about valuing the irreplaceable natural heritage of our green and pleasant land and the wonderful wildlife that also have the right to their habitation. — Yours faithfully,