Jingoistic bluster of Brexit letterĀ 

Dear Sir, — Congratulations to Coun Joe Porter, Staffordshire Moorlands Cabinet member for climate change for managing to fit into one letter last week so many of the meaningless, empty phrases and promises that persuaded the gullible to vote for Brexit in the first place.
I think he left out “Brexit means Brexit” but it was a remarkable achievement nevertheless.
There isn’t time or space for a full rebuttal of his arguments. Suffice to say it’s more complicated than he thinks and isn’t solved by jingoistic bluster.
Let’s just focus on a couple of things for now.
He says we are now in control of our own laws and it will lead to the Government giving more resources to local government.
Our Tory government always did have control over local government expenditure — they just slashed it! 
And they’re set to further reduce the budgets of already cash-strapped councils of Leeds, Wirral, Liverpool, Doncaster and Newcastle to the tune of £126m. 
It’s nonsense to assert that the EU had anything to do with the reduction of budgets for schools, prisons, health, police and so on.
He says the Government can prioritise trade with the US, the Commonwealth and Australia.
We trade already with all of these places — except that Germany, for instance, exported 100% more to Australia, 125% more to India and about six times more to China than we do. 
And in any case Australia is perfectly happy trading with the approximately 3bn people on its doorstep — who also import the stuff that Oz produces.
He says we must keep dangerous criminals out and remove those that abuse our hospitality. 
In the EU we are allowed to deport people that are likely to present a threat to policy or security. Fifteen thousand Windrush victims wrongly designated as illegal immigrants can testify to the Government’s ability to throw even our own citizens out of the country.
The most laughable claim is the “unleashing” of our coastal communities. Blackpool — not a prosperous town — will soon have to cut £20m from services in order to meet its obligations to children’s services. But if he just means fishing communities then he’d better tell the fish — as our climate change representative he’ll know they’ll need to start repositioning their ever-decreasing numbers into UK waters. And since we have the second largest share of the EU catch already, and according to the Government have only 13% of EU waters, it’s only going to get worse.
I could go on.
I’m sorry councillor, the more rational among us need a few more facts and a little less boosterism. 
We, unlike some people, are perfectly aware of the complexity of the problems we face now.
The problems we will have as we — possibly for the first time in any country’s history — negotiate less favourable trading arrangements with our biggest and most accessible market won’t be solved by the empty phrases and slogans passed off as policy.
For Remainers it’s bad enough to have lost the referendum without having to be reminded that we lost it to posturing and vapid arguments.
What’s even worse is that Boris Johnson, the architect of this disaster, is making every effort to avoid scrutiny, banning journalists from briefings, avoiding PMQs, threatening the BBC, being led by the nose by Dominic Cummings, refusing to be interrogated on the radio, covering up a report on Russian interference in our elections and is beset by scandals from the Garden Bridge to Jennifer Arcuri.
Not the actions of a brave, resolute politician confident in his arguments. 
More like a liar, caught out with his pants down, skulking in a corner. — Yours faithfully,