Labour councillors must learn lessons

Dear Sir, — Can it really be that there haven’t been any lessons learnt by the new brigade of Biddulph’s Labour town councillors: that being as objectionable and insulting about your opposition candidates is not the way to win friends and influence people?
Using social media, even establishing a new Facebook page — Staffs Moorlands Political Chat, because their use of Biddulph’s community pages did not find favour with those administering them due to their non-political stance — they began one of the roughest election campaigns imaginable and on reflection I wouldn’t mind betting that the Moorlands Labour candidate wondered at his decision to be led along that particular slippery slope.
Coun Jill Salt seems to be the lead antagonist. She never seems to have a good word for anyone in public office who does not support the Labour cause, whatever that might be in these very strange times for that party.
This can be evidenced by the contents of her letter, which appeared in the Chronicle of 26th December, in which she stated she felt the need to respond to a recent letter from Coun Ian Lawson. He expressed his concern that there were accusations on social media “that the people of Biddulph could be heartless to the lady on the bench”. 
Any right fair-minded person would see perfectly clearly that Coun Lawson spoke in defence of Biddulph’s people — quite rightly so, in view of the fact that many attempts had been made to offer this lady a great deal of help.
We who spent a good deal of time trying to persuade the lady that she would be far better off in safe and warm accommodation did our utmost to bring about a good solution to her sad plight, but to no avail. I say “we” as I was joined in those efforts along with members of the police and ambulance personnel and councillors including Ian Lawson and Hilda Sheldon and many members of the public, with absolutely no thoughts whatsoever of being judgemental, none of which was posted onto social media. Unlike Coun Salt, who could not resist telling of her bravery in taking an eiderdown to the lady in the middle of the night.
I will address Coun Salt directly: please do not presume to lecture anyone on this matter. Keep posting your feats on your Facebook page where your faithful followers may accept whatever you choose to claim, but perhaps it may be more beneficial for you to follow the teachings of the Bible, for how you of all people could possibly use the phrases “judge not” and “condemn not” seems more than a little ill-conceived. — Yours faithfully,