Labour must deal with anti-Semitism 

Dear Sir, — Recently there has been a considerable number of complaints regarding our national political scene and, to be fair, the parties big and small have made some quite disastrous decisions and comments.
I am in agreement with most of Jenny Unsworth’s very long letter and in my opinion racist, and in particular anti-Semitic, comments made by members of the Labour Party from both national and local political politicians and their supporters are possibly the worst I can remember. I hope this will be eradicated when the Labour Party elects its new leader.
There is a problem with people issuing threats against individuals, because they believe everybody should have the same opinion regarding abortion and marriage. These are certainly a hot topic at the moment, because these are subjects in which there are different opinions.
Personally, as long as it does not create any problems I cannot see any reason why people cannot be allowed to have their own opinion. — Yours faithfully,