Labour’s response defensive nonsense

Dear Sir, — Further to Mr Sherwood’s letter to the Chronicle (23rd January), I would like to make a couple of points.
Mr Sherwood appears to mainly be concerned with defending Jeremy Corbyn. But the local story about Labour anti-Semitism is about a social media post by an Alsager town councillor. It’s not about soon-to-be ex Labour leader Mr Corbyn, it’s about one of our locally elected Labour representatives.
Mr Sherwood goes on to say that the Conservative Party is anti-Semitic. They might well be, who knows. Locally though, and this is a local paper, we haven’t heard of any Conservative councillors being anti-Semitic. We have seen evidence of a Labour councillor sharing an anti-Semitic post.
Labour’s local supporters have been quick to jump to the defence of their own councillor while trying to fling mud at the Conservatives. But being “less racist than” or “less anti-Semitic than” another party really isn’t a good benchmark for Labour or for anyone. It’s a poor show.
Trying to make this about Jeremy Corbyn also isn’t a good move. This is about a Labour councillor who either thought it was OK to post anti-Semitic content or, as she said in the pages of your paper, “didn’t realise” it was anti-Semitic — in which case, should she be holding public office and making important decisions on our behalf? In my humble opinion she should do the right thing and resign.
The whole response from local Labour has been a shower of defensive nonsense. Even when a Jewish resident writes in to the Chronicle to express their worry, the local Labour Party and the councillor concerned are unable to even respond. I find that very troubling.
This week marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. We all know, 75 years on, that genocide starts with words and creeps in almost unannounced unless we stamp out racism and anti-Semitism wherever we see it.
The Labour leadership hopefuls nationally have been falling over themselves to say they’ll wipe anti-Semitism out of the party. They might start here in the Congleton constituency, where it’s still being defended by the party faithful. — Yours faithfully,

Scholar Green.