Lenten campaign on climate change

Dear Sir, — The Christian Aid Lenten campaign this year is about climate change. To illustrate the impact that climate change is having on our world, Christian Aid has highlighted Makueni District in Kenya. 
I know this area as it is alongside Kitui District where I lived for two years, teaching maths and English in a girls’ secondary school. The area is semi-desert and dependent on seasonal rains. Even when I was there 25 years ago, the rains were not very reliable and the crops of the subsistence farmers would fail in years of poor rains. 
Now the rains are even less reliable — sometimes they don’t come at all and other years there is flooding. This year there will be joy in Eastern Kenya as the main rains (which are from March to June) have started and local people will be praying that they continue so that the crops grow well. 
Both Christian Aid and Cafod are running programs to build dams in the area and also to plant trees. 
For more information see christianaid.org.uk — Yours faithfully,