Let Remainers’ voices be heard

Dear Sir, — The mantra of the prime minister Boris Johnson and his adviser is “Get Brexit Done”. However, they must know that the only way to be done with the interminable discussions and negotiations is to stop Brexit. 
If we leave the EU, with or without a deal, it will be the start of a decade of having to put back in place, on a bilateral basis, most of the arrangements we currently take for granted. 
In the meantime there will be no time or money to address any of the important issues facing our country — inequality, crumbling public services, climate change, and our broken politics.
Despite the prime minister’s assertions, half the country does not want to leave the EU, and this voice must continue to be heard. 
The only way to determine what the country wants, now that we understand better the implications of leaving the EU, is to have another referendum on the issue.
There will be a massive People’s Vote march in London on Saturday, 19th October, to ensure that politicians are in no doubt about the strength of feeling on this. 
It will start at noon on Park Lane and march to Parliament Square. I hope many of your readers will be there, as I will.
Let Us Be Heard. — Yours faithfully,


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