‘Let’s go green’: What a sick joke!

Dear Sir, — Cheshire East Council has sent out its summer edition of The Voice, its magazine for residents. 
On page eight it waxes eloquent about two road schemes in the borough, the Congleton and Middlewich bypasses.
Regarding the Congleton one, it claims “it will unlock housing and employment sites”. 
In other words, the council’s intention isn’t just to destroy a four-mile stretch of beautiful, intimate and delicate Cheshire countryside from the village of Eaton, through Somerford, Hulme Walfield and Loachbrook, to the A34 near Astbury. 
It also intends to fill in all the countryside between West Heath and this bypass with housing and the extra roads that will be needed for the housing. 
What employment sites it has in mind is anybody’s guess. 
It’s allowed a massive extension of new housing already around Congleton with not a single new employment site. 
It’s not just the link between the Conservative Party and the housing industry that donates to it which is a matter of concern. 
There is also the unrelenting destruction of the greenbelt and our countryside, with all the environmental and ecological damage that these bypasses entail. 
And what they also do, and this is happening everywhere in England, is encourage more and more motor car and heavy vehicle usage. 
On page nine facing page eight this Conservative Party Voice shouts “Let’s Go Green”. What a sick joke! 
The legacy Cheshire East Council is leaving to future generations is what it itself calls Connectivity Cheshire. 
By that it means more and more roads eating up more and more fields and more and more woods to provide more and more space for more and more cars and lorries, to create more and more fumes and more and more pollution to bring about more and more ill health. And the Congleton Town Council is totally in support. What a shower! — Yours faithfully,


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