Letter of thanks from Australia

• This letter has been sent from Australia following donations sent from primary schools Mossley, Congleton, and St John’s, Sandbach.
Dear friends, — I am not near where Clifton Creek School once stood before it was burnt to the ground, but I am in the smoke from the fires. It’s all around us every day. It is effecting thousands of people here. We wake up every morning with ash dust and smoke in the air and our eyes are constantly stinging and watering. Breathing can be difficult when it is at its worse. People with asthma suffer every day.
As I write much-needed rain has arrived, the first we have had this year and is still needed to end the drought we are in. But to know that children like you and your friends on the other side of the world are thinking about us, makes us all feel very special indeed.
Caring for others when they have lost everything in bush fires, is a huge part of humanity, and to see this happen by people so young as yourselves on the other side of the world, gives all humanity hope for the future. You are sincerely beautiful, kind souls.
So on behalf of my fellow Australians. I would like to thank you and your schools from the bottom of our hearts for such a generous donation. Thank you once again, from the people of Australia.
And finally to Gabriella, who initiated the fundraising. Thank you so much, you have made a huge difference for so many Australian children who lost everything and have had to start their lives all over again. — Forever in our thoughts,