Letter referred to parents’ school run 

Dear Sir, — Thank you for publishing my letter in last week’s Chronicle titled “Parents should walk to schools”.
I take full responsibility for not being clearer on the means of the children getting to school in a more environmentally friendly manner. In the interests of honesty, I should point out that my letter was referring to school runs by the parents in their private cars.
The average car can carry about six primary aged children in addition to the driver.
Thus, if the complete complement was achieved and even taking into account the increased mileage involved, compared with each of these children being driven to school by their own parents, a considerable reduction in the amount of fuel, pollution and congestion would be achieved.
Of course, parents can also walk with their and other children to school and this when feasible will achieve even further environmental benefits as well as improving the mental and physical health of everyone involved. — Yours faithfully,


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