Lift cycling ban on Bridge Street  

Dear Sir, — It’s time that the ban on cycling along Bridge Street was removed.
I am well aware that a few cyclists cycle too fast and do not share the space considerately, but these unreasonable people are not put off by road signs.
The people who are put off by road signs are the vast majority of reasonable people, some of whom are disabled and are unable to access the town centre between 10am and 4pm. I have a friend who has Parkinson’s disease, another who suffers extremely painful back ache. Both of these people can cycle for miles but would struggle to walk 50 yards. 
I know somebody who rides a tricycle which is very difficult to push. My sister-in-law suffers from Dystonia which is akin to cerebral palsy, she can cycle for miles but has great difficulty in walking.
I would not be against say a 5mph speed limit, I remember one commentator in your paper claiming to see motorists driving at excessive speeds. A low speed limit may be all that is needed.
Whenever I cycle along Bridge Street I go slowly and I am very courteous to pedestrians and stop if that is the best thing to do, I know that a speeding cyclist is frightening so I don’t do it. I know that some people would disagree with what I say but the alternative to not cycling is probably driving which adds to pollution and congestion.
In 2020 the council should be taking steps to reduce pollution and congestion, not increase it. What is the point of the council declaring a climate emergency and then not introducing simple measures that would help. — Yours faithfully,