Lights donations make £320 for Greenfields

Dear Sir, — We have finally got round to counting the money donated for Greenfields Greyhound Rescue, our favourite dog rescue, for our Christmas lights display. This year we collected £320.
Many thanks to everyone who donated in the collection box; thanks to everyone who we don’t know but special thanks to: Linda and Denny Stevens, Jean Robinson and Peter, Angela Hodgkinson, Angela Frost, Mr and Mrs Reutter, Lilly and Mick Beech, Daphne Taylor, Julie Jennings and family, Paul Sproston, Dene Shaw, Sarah Beech at the Town House Hair Salon and yourselves at the Chronicle, for allowing us to post this on your letters page.
Apologies if I have missed anyone, let me know and I will add you to the list.
Thanks again everyone. — Yours faithfully,

Wharfedale Road,