Locals can’t afford these new homes 

Dear Sir, — I am writing register my strong objection to any more building in green spaces. 
This once beautiful, green and pleasant county is fast becoming one very large building site. 
The pollution in this area is now far higher than in some larger towns and cities. The traffic increase in the whole area is making it dangerous for children if they either walk or cycle anywhere. 
I have lived in Elworth for 70 years and have seen many changes, but I now feel that Sandbach is becoming nothing more than a commuter suburb for Manchester and other large cities. 
The people that most of the houses are built for, these large executive style homes, only need to be near a motorway access so of course they are sold quickly, increasing prices for local residents to either buy or rent. 
We children of the war years (I was nine years old when it started — no NHS then!) know well how to “make do and mend” and “waste not want not”. 
We also learned how to respect and care for others and the importance of community. 
However, local families are now being let down by all these new building developments that are not offering reasonably priced housing. 
In most families now, both parents are having to work increasingly hard to cover their mortgage payments or sky-high rental prices. 
The council needs to go back to the drawing board and start again, and maybe we can have a town, county and community to be proud of once again. — Yours faithfully,


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