Look after town, not just cyclists

Dear Sir, — I really was not going to respond to Coun Suzie Akers Smith’s very long diatribe of a letter, which mainly consisted of the benefit of cycling for climate change and fitness, which was responding to a letter from Graham Goodwin.
My short letter was purely to explain Coun Akers Smith’s futile reason for wanting the bus shelter on West Road removed, simply because it stands on the cycle lane that is only used by a few cyclists. I considered it is a total waste of public money. I have in fact been told by a resident of Congleton the bus shelter was installed before the cycle lane was put there.
In fact Coun Akers-Smith was saying cyclists should not have to ride for a few feet on the public footpath because the cycle path is blocked by the bus shelter. 
Yet on paragraph 15 of Coun Akers Smith’s letter she puts in writing that cyclists cycle on pavements for safety reasons, so can she please explain why they cannot cycle on the foot path for a couple of meters on West Road and save wasting public money?
I have no problem with most cyclists because they are considerate and thoughtful regarding the walking public. 
Unfortunately there are many who believe it fun to dodge in and out of the people a high speed. 
I lived in Congleton when the Bridge Street pedestrian area was built and there was no through traffic, including bicycles for 24 hours a day, and was only open for deliveries for a couple of hours until 10am and after 4pm.
I believe it is about time as a councillor Coun Akers Smith looked after Congleton as a whole, not just the cyclists. — Yours faithfully,

Coun Akers Smith has been appointed by Cheshire East Council to look after cyclists and pedestrians — she is its cycling and walking champion. Her role is therefore to put cycling and walking ahead of other factors. She would be failing in her role if she did not do this.