Lost my trust in the Independents

Dear Sir, — I hope you will feel able to print my reflections on the recent Cheshire East Council meeting of 20th February in your letters page.
How clever is the deputy leader of Cheshire East Council and his “Independent” councillor colleagues? 
Having concocted an imaginary problem and having been assured there was no problem, he and they, persisted in their campaign to belittle and distress a Conservative colleague in a public meeting. 
He was careful to ensure his words and actions broke no rules and postured proudly while his boss, Coun Sam Corcoran, leader of council, smiled and laughed with approval in his performance.
It is true: no rules were transgressed but the fallout from this craftily conceived conspiracy will be the loss of my trust and the creation of suspicion around everything brought forward from the “Independent” benches. 
His actions leave me disappointed and disillusioned. I had held some members of that group in high esteem, I believed most of them to have integrity. I was wrong.
The deputy leader and his colleagues, (with one notable exception, Coun Ian McFarlane) proved that the humiliation of an Opposition councillor is of greater importance than being seen to behave with honour and integrity.
There will be a well-rehearsed denial of any wrong doing, and a counter accusation of some sort, but the bottom line is; you broke the spirit of our Member Values Deal, you broke my trust in your integrity, you brought shame to the reputation of Council. — Yours faithfully,

Odd Rode Ward,
Cheshire East Council.