MP hypocrisy over reuniting families

Dear Sir, — Who could be against children being reunited with their families?
Our Government says that it supports family reunification, but removed the commitment from the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill because (it said) it would make it easier for the UK to negotiate a deal with the EU.
It then denies that it is using unaccompanied refugee children as a bargaining chip.
So, are children a limit on the negotiations or not? And how can the Government’s hands be tied by something they publicly support? 
In the debate on the Queen’s Speech, Fiona Bruce MP said: “When we fall on hard times... our family is often the first port of call.” 
So surely she would vote to keep this commitment?
Sadly not. 
Despite her warm words of support for “vulnerable families”, our Fiona has never voted against the Government in this Parliament. — Yours faithfully,