Mancunians still flock to Congleton

Dear Sir — Dear Mr Grumpy, in the Chronicle you say you are a Mancunian. Whereabouts in Manchester were you born/live? Which school did you attend? Is your wife Mancunian? How old are you/when were you born? Do you remember Belle Vue? The circus? The concerts? The Bier Cellar? How we miss it!
I, too, am Mancunian. I wouldn’t want to live there now, it’s terrible! The Arndale is awful, more caf├ęs than decent shops (although a lot better than Congleton).
Congleton was a thriving town, beautiful countryside (although where now?), a lovely market, shops, butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, bargain shops, clothes/shoe shops; it was heaven. 
When I read your page every week in the Chronicle, it makes me smile. I too complain about things (must be a Mancunian trait). But I always smile, especially to people in the street/shops; you never know what kind of a day they have had. 
A smile costs nothing, but it may be worth a lot to the recipient of your smile (or even a “hello”).
Lots of Mancunians moved to Congleton and probably still do. Best wishes to you and your family for the future. — Yours faithfully,